Wednesday, January 12, 2011

project restyle

Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess has created a wonderful project idea to restyle damaged goods. how fun is that. for generations, in my family, we have been restyling, upcycling, and making somethings from nothings.i would love to continue this tradition with my kids. i joined a year of project restyle fun with my family. we are excited to get crafty. i wanted to kick it off with my grandma's restyle project that was made years ago, but is so awesome that i have to share it!

This pic is of a zipper pull that closes the stylish purse she made.

ok. here is the remarkable part, she made these out of the plastic  ribbon that used to wrap around the LA Times newspapers! how awesome is she? on rainy days and sundays the colors of ribbon would change. she would save the ribbon, then tie them together, and use them as her yarn to crochet with.

after crocheting the outer shell, she would sew in a lining and zipper. finally she embroidered details. i just adore these purses. 

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  1. wow! that is pretty! I bet you can do better!